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Foundation 1 Gymnastic Bodies Pdf Download

Foundation 1 Gymnastic Bodies Pdf Download

If you are looking for a comprehensive and progressive program to build your gymnastic strength, you might be interested in Foundation 1 by GymnasticBodies. Foundation 1 is a series of exercises and progressions that will teach you the fundamental skills and positions of gymnastics, such as handstands, planches, levers, and squats. Foundation 1 is designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of gymnastic strength training (GST) and develop a strong and flexible body.

Foundation 1 is part of the Foundation Series by GymnasticBodies, which consists of four levels: Foundation 1, Foundation 2, Foundation 3, and Foundation 4. Each level has six tracks: upper body push, upper body pull, shoulder articulation, core bodyline, core sideline, and core compression. Each track has multiple progressions that will challenge you and help you achieve your goals. The Foundation Series is based on the principles and methods of Coach Christopher Sommer, a former US national team coach and the founder of GymnasticBodies.

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So, how can you get access to Foundation 1? Well, there are two options: you can either purchase the online course or download the PDF version. The online course is hosted on the GymFit TV platform by GymnasticBodies, where you can watch videos of each exercise and progression, track your progress, and interact with other users and coaches. The online course costs $97 per level or $297 for the whole series. You can also get a free trial for seven days to see if you like it.

The PDF version of Foundation 1 is a downloadable document that contains the same information as the online course, but in a printable format. You can use the PDF version as a reference guide or a workout log. The PDF version is not available for purchase on the GymnasticBodies website, but you can find it on some other websites that offer it for free or for a small fee. However, be careful when downloading files from unknown sources, as they might contain viruses or malware.

One of the websites that claims to offer the Foundation 1 PDF download is [WynActive], a fitness center in Australia. On their website, they have a page dedicated to Gymnastic Bodies - Fundamentals - Guide, where they provide a brief overview of GST and some basic exercises. At the bottom of the page, they have a link to download the Foundation 1 PDF file. However, we cannot verify the authenticity or quality of this file, so download it at your own risk.

Another website that mentions the Foundation 1 PDF download is [GymnasticBodies Forum], where users discuss various topics related to GST. On one of the threads, a user asked about the download size of Foundation 1 PDF file. Another user replied that Foundation 1 is moving to a web-based format and that the PDF file is no longer available. However, this thread was posted in 2016, so it might be outdated or inaccurate.

In conclusion, Foundation 1 by GymnasticBodies is a great program for anyone who wants to start their journey in GST and learn the fundamentals of gymnastics. You can either buy the online course or try to find the PDF version online. However, be careful when downloading files from untrusted sources, as they might be harmful to your device or violate the intellectual property rights of GymnasticBodies.


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