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Unique Sexy Girls Mia ##VERIFIED##

The track is a midtempo hip-hop song with Middle Eastern influences and exhibiting elements of worldbeat, dancehall and syncopated drums in its instrumentation. Its lyrics revolve around sexual prowess and female empowerment, while its chorus features the refrain "Live fast die young, bad girls do it well" sung in a haughty rap-sung delivery. The song received positive reviews from contemporary critics, who lauded it as a highlight from the mixtape and commended its hook and lyrics on its final version as containing hallmarks of her previous songs including "Paper Planes" (2007) and "XXXO" (2010). In 2019, Pitchfork ranked "Bad Girls" as the 27th best song of the 2010s decade.

Unique Sexy Girls Mia

Born during an era of war, two sisters were be separated for life and knew nothing of each other. Mia was born on one minute ahead of Kushina forcing her to be the one to fight in the war and become Head of the Clan eventually. She always envied Kushina for this, while Kushina got to take the easy path in Konohagakure, she was fighting in a war that would eventually be the end of her people. Though unlike Kushina, Mia was a prodigy, she was born a natural in Fire Release and possessed a unique Kekkei Genkai that is known as Scorch Release, which she gained from her Fire Release father and Wind Release mother. She suffered many tragic losses during the war such as losing her parent and she suffered many injuries; the most known injury is the one to her right eye. She was powerful for her age but this was not enough. The war ended when she was six; she was already the level of a skilled genin. Mia was capable of surviving on her own, she searched Uzushio for other Uzumaki Clan members and people. She eventually came across a woman who was wounded and a man who was taking care of her. She decided to help them, helping the man take care of the woman with the supplies she possess. After a week the woman began to recover. Mia thought that they were not Uzumaki's because they did not possess red hair, but shockingly they were both Hybrids, a mixture of an Uzumaki and Senju. They were asked not to participate in the war because they could be thought as a threat to the Uzumaki not being pure bloods. So they left the village and wandered the Land trying to find anyway to help but they were ambushed and his sister was wounded during the battle. They have stayed hidden since they were not able to gather medical supplies. They asked Mia several questions such as if Mia had seen any other survivors yet. Disappointed after hearing that she hasn't, they asked if she would like to stay with them. Mia decided she would for the time being.

A couple of years after they returned to the village Mia was at her prime. She was asked to become Kage of the village but declined the offer. Most people thought she rejected the offer because she enjoyed her free time and she did not enjoy the idea of her being in charge. Though the actual reason is that she had not met her lover yet. She promised her sensei that she'd restore the clan, bring about a new generation of Uzumaki that would be even more feared than they were originally. Though she has gathered a great group of Uzumaki shinobi in Uzushio, but she knew that her offsprings would be the ones to open new doors. One day she saw a very tall muscular man who was shockingly very attractive. As she approaches him she sensed his unique chakra; it was one of the most powerful chakra signals she has ever felt. She found him fairly easy to talk to telling her his name Raido and details about himself. They talked for the rest of that day and continued to talk for days after that. They developed a special relationship especially after Mia challenged Raido. She did lose their little spar but she decided that Raido was the suitable man her sensei was talking about. Raido became Mia's sensei and boyfriend. He trained Mia in Lava Release. After a couple of months Mia found out she was pregnant and that Raido would be her husband. Her life dream is coming true the only regret she had was not being able to celebrate it with the people that she cared for like her parents her sensei and Kushina.

Her personality with Raido is quite odd. In public these two were strong together. Raido did often struggle with his urges to hit on girls, but when it came time to be serious he was. Before she was pregnant Raido trained Mia in Lava Release. Though he was her sensei he would often go easy on her because they had a thing. Though Mia liked how he cared for her she did not want him to go easy bringing out her angry side. In bed Mia was a little bit of a slut doing all her little fetishes on Raido and doing roleplays with him.

Mia possesses a unique sensory ability known as the Mind's Eye of the Kagura, which allows her to track any targets through their chakra signature. Unlike most sensors, who normally require to mould their chakra first, Mia is able to detect chakra targets without any conscious effort. She can greatly expand her range to detect the presence of others, easily discern whether or not a specific individual are among a crowd,pick up chakra from long distances, and determine if targets are approaching her and how many or what species.She can also determine the size of a target's chakra reserve and potency, and even tell whether or not someone was lying through the fluctuations in that person's chakra made from dishonest emotions. This technique has only been seen in one other Uzumaki clan user in Karin which Mia doesn't call a coincidence.

Mia is very skilled in space time ninjutsu. She was capable of memorizing the Minato's special formula and with the knowledge in fuuinjutsu she already possessed she was capable of learning the Flying Thunder God Technique. Like Tobirama she is capable of teleporting anyone who has her seal, with or without them. She is capable of teleporting humongous objects such the a susano'o. She quite skilled and strategic about how she uses this technique, she has seals in most areas of the village and on her family and civilians. She has even created shuriken that have her unique seal. She is capable of leaving her mar after a single touch that lasts forever. If the village is ever under attack she says that she will transport all the civilians to a safe area using the Flying Thunder God technqiue.

I was very excited when this Fleshlight was released, mostly because of the first section. After a few uses, it's now time to write a little review !Orifice:Her vagina look good, even more with her cute signature !The little "bump" on the entrance make the penetration unique, but sometime it make your dick slip out of the sleeve.Except that, it's a pretty good overall !... Read More

Review:I was very excited when this Fleshlight was released, mostly because of the first section. After a few uses, it's now time to write a little review !Orifice:Her vagina look good, even more with her cute signature !The little "bump" on the entrance make the penetration unique, but sometime it make your dick slip out of the sleeve.Except that, it's a pretty good overall !Texture:This texture is pretty unique. The first part is very textured in comparison with the average sleeve. Along with the tentacle design, it provide a strong stimulation as you push into the sleeve. However, too much speed can be unpleasant, but this is not a problem in view of the quality of the stimulation provided by the sleeve.The little bump in the end of the first section make it even better !Suction:Pretty strong in this sleeve, maybe due to the tentacle design of the first part ?Tightness:Even if the sleeve look pretty tight (and it is), it's like it take your dick, without tightening it, like a soft massage.Once again, the first passage is for many, as it create this "tight but not really tight" feeling.Conclusion:Intense sleeve with an unique texture. It provide a great stimulation.Also, it's a good addition to your collection: her vagina is pretty nice, along with her cute signature !

Review:I won this sleeve from FleshAssists giveaway. Thank you FleshAssist! My new favorite sleeve. Everything about this sleeve is unique. It's orifice has a slight dip due to the opening not actually being dead center of the sleeve. It provides a nice pressure right at the beginning that no other sleeve has.It's also the only sleeve with an artistic take on its texture with the tentacles, which feel great by the way! The twisting of the bumps as you move through the sleeve are much more noticeable than other sleeves that use a twist as its main feature.Conclusion:You can not go wrong here. My new number one recommended sleeve, taking the place of "Wonderland".

Review:It took me a couple uses to warm up to this sleeve. Upon first use I did not get the overwhelming reception, I still don't but I have grown to appreciate it since. I'll start with the vaginal opening which I will only describe as "cute." It's small like Madison Ivy's but doesn't grip as much as her labia does. What I did find interesting was the orifice section of the sleeve is pretty flat compared to the round and curved tops of most other sleeves. The first chamber is a complicated tunnel of spiraling tentacles, resembling the more complex detailed structures of Japanese Onaholes. This section is not nearly as intense as it looks. There's only a slight feeling of it pulling your penis in with its spiral, but is felt much more on the backstroke. The following chambers are almost indescribable, I don't know what to call them or even what they feel like. There's so much going on you can't make out any specific sensations. It's not too intense however, it's a medium-high intensity. I would recommend it for edging but it's not as mild as some others. I don't have a very sensitive glans so maybe if you're uncircumcised you may get more out of this sleeve.Conclusion:It's a bit of a disappointment personally. It doesn't have the intensity of my Destroya or the unique smoothness of my Beyond. Despite the vagueness of the sleeve, the orgasms are always great every use.


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