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Big Cock Kings

When I was old enough to attend college, I was already good looking. I was more muscular than most young men my age, and, I was lucky enough to have my Dad's Germanic good looks. At 6'2" and weighing in at 210 pounds of pure muscle, I was an intimidating sight. My chiseled facial features and blond hair were an added bonus. I would like to say that I was a humble lad, but the reality was I was very sure of myself. I would walk into a room and all eyes would be on me. Also, my dick was out of proportion to my body. My body is big, but my dick is humongous! No lie! It's When it is soft it is 8" and thick. When my dick is hard it looks like one of those huge dicks you see in those porno movies! I wouldn't be exaggerating when I tell you that hard my dick was 10 inches long and 5 inches around. I'm not bragging. It's just a fact. A fact that I made sure everyone knows about. It's my way of intimidating others and being sure that I have all the sex and cock worshipers I want!

big cock kings

I took a wide stance to frame my meat between my well-muscled legs. I cupped my cock and balls into my hand and lifted them to show Eddie what I meant. Eddie looked and said nervously, "I didn't mean to stare Mike. You are bigger than I expected." Obviously Eddie had been thinking about my dick before he entered the bathroom. I mean, after all he said, I'm bigger than he expected.

Well, I dropped my hands and my package fell back swinging loosely between my legs. I took that time to dry between my legs and rub my cock vigorously with my towel. My tool started to thicken as Eddie looked on mesmerized. I took a step forward and grabbed Eddie behind the neck and pulled him closer. Edie didn't fight me he just looked into my eyes. I then took his hand and placed it under my balls. "Feel how heavy my balls feel," I said. Eddie quickly dropped my meaty nuts and acknowledged that they were hefty. "Yeah, they're big, I don't really need to hold them," he said with some fear in his voice.

"You think my cock is big now you should see it when it is hard. Let me show you what I mean. Let me show you what all the girls are making all the fuss about," I said. I took a step back and I looked into Eddie's eyes and I said, "Just watch. You aren't going to believe it. My dick really does grow to be pretty impressive. You'll see why my friends call me King Cock!"

Eddie and I looked on as my dick started to grow in length and in girth. The head of my cock begins to peek out of my foreskin and the veins start to show up on the shaft of my meat. I don't even have to touch my dick. It is getting hard having Eddie staring at it. Eddie continues to stare at my cock as it rises and lengthens. Having Eddie admiring my cock makes my blood pump faster and my erection thickens. My cock begins its pumping action as it lifts itself in the air. The head of my dick is getting darker as it fills with blood. My foreskin has slid back off my glands and the shaft is getting fatter. I look at Eddie, but he doesn't see me. He's staring at my cock become huge. I know what is about to happen, but I need to hold off a little more. The skin on the head of my cock is now being pulled tight and my piss hole is being forced open. I can feel my balls begin rising in their sack. I know I am going to shoot soon. I look down and see how unbelievably hard my cock is. The veins are protruding like ropes around a tree trunk. I am ready to pop! Eddie finally looks up into my eyes and says, "Fuck, that is the biggest fattest cock I have ever seen. You really are King Cock!" With that my cock explodes. A huge rope of cum shoots out of my cock and lands on the crotch of Eddie's pants. Eddie jumps back and the rest of my ejaculation shoots onto the bathroom tile. Eddie cries, "Jesus man, what the fuck happened?"

"I'm sorry Eddie. It's just when someone, talks about how big my cock is, it sets me off and I cum. I didn't mean to cum on you." Eddie grabs some toilet papers and wipes my cum from his pants. I look down and see Eddie's hard dick is outlined through his pant leg. As I watch Eddie clean off his pants, I see a growing wet spot at the head of his dick. I smile to myself. Eddie came! Eddie came without touching himself. I know Eddie is mine now. He doesn't know this, but, he is going to be my personal cum dump!

It's not surprising when a kid wants to get his dick hard and to expose it for men's approval. To me it's the most natural thing, and we should encourage young dudes to bone up and show off for men. It boosts their confidence like nothing else when someone starts adoring a boy's cock.

This is a powerful piece of porn. In short, Brett King is endowed with an awesome dick. He is a cocksman, because all the attention he gets is attracted by his cock and he likes to feel his power over awestruck and jealous men. So he becomes "sexually direct" and exposes his meat for admiration and worship. In this first chapter there is only eye contact between him and his roommate, no hands jerking or mouths sucking. The result: "Having Eddie admiring my cock makes my blood pump faster and my erection thickens." The swelling to full size is described in beautiful detail. And when Eddie acknowledges "Fuck, that is the biggest fattest cock I have ever seen", the cock explodes. Boom! A real sex monster.

Brave Brace Face: Black-haired Rachel Rivers has a nice set of... pearls. Thanks to her braces, the depraved girl's smile is cute as fuck. Ricky Johnson lures her in his car, promising her a nice ride. We quickly understand that by "ride" he meant fuck. Back at his place, Ricky gets to know Rachel. She talks a bit about herself but soon, both Ricky and the cameraman want to know what's underneath her clothes. The naughty slut flashes a boob and then sucks Ricky's cock. The guy's hungry for her other hole. Rachel gets on all four and Ricky slides it in her eager pussy. Rachel can't contain herself. Here comes the moaning and the eyes rolling back! Holding both her hands, Ricky pulls and thrusts her as deeply as he can. A nice reverse cowgirl reveals more of the young woman's body. Legs spread, and she bounces recklessly on Ricky's dick. The man loves to explore Rachel's depths while choking her. After the intense banging session, he decides her lovely braced smile deserves a shot of his ginormous load.

A Little Love: Dolly Little is a sweet and petite redhead who's as cute as can be. She sits on a couch and chats with Ramon Nomar about working in the porn industry. They're getting to know each other, but Dolly's not as innocent as she seems, and she wants Ramon to get to know what she has underneath her outfit. She takes her clothes off until she's left in a hot pink thong, spreads her legs, and masturbates as Ramon watches. Ramon's only human, and soon enough Dolly's got him wrapped around her finger. He sits down next to his new pal and kisses her gently before he flips her around and chows down on her pussy. Well, he's seen hers, it's only fair that Dolly gets to see him, too. She pulls his cock out and has a taste, sucking and slurping his cock as she stares flirtatiously at the camera. They fuck on the couch until Ramon cums all over Dolly's kind face. Dolly got just what she wanted - a little love.

Massage Mutiny: Aften Opal, a petite brunette teen with a dream for cock, is expecting a special guest: tattooed masseuse Scott Nails. While she waits for him to arrive, she slips on a blue thong and drapes her body in a very sheer lace robe. Soon enough Scott is over, and much to his shock Aften casually takes her clothes off, revealing her amazing body. Regardless, Scott is not one to so easily stray from professionalism. He starts massaging his cute client, rubbing his hands all over her lovely body and giving her dainty feet some extra attention. As it turns out After isn't all that interested in keeping things professional. She coaxes Scott to knead her ass, and then his fingers find their way onto her pussy. One thing leads to another, and soon enough they're fucking right on the massage table, enjoying each other's bodies like it's their last day on earth. The "massage" ends with cum dripping all over Aften's pretty face. It's safe to say Scott will be receiving a five-star review.

Got The Goods: Fun fact - Bailey Brooke's ideal dick size is nine inches long! Luckily, lofty standards are no problem for hunky Jmac. But Bailey isn't quite ready to take his big cock yet. Wearing socks and panties, she plays with her wet pussy until she cums, wiggling around and gasping with pleasure. In comes Jmac, who wastes no time. He presses his lips against Bailey's pussy and eats her out until she gets on her knees and sucks his cock and balls. Jmac bends this babe over and fucks her doggy style, then switching to cowgirl for the perfect angle of Bailey's ass shaking as she works Jmac's cock. They continue fucking on the couch until Jmac cums all over Bailey's pretty face. A big dick for Bailey and a gorgeous blonde for Jmac? Looks like they both had a pretty good day.

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So why, if we all generally agree with this, do we permit the mass hysteria and public crucification of normal people who make understandable cock ups whilst trying to do a good job on a high profile task? 041b061a72


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