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Once More Movie Bgm 16

Once More Movie Bgm 16

Once More is a 1997 Tamil romantic comedy film directed by S. A. Chandrasekhar and starring Vijay, Sivaji Ganesan and Simran. The film is a remake of the 1987 Hindi film Chashme Buddoor. The film revolves around two friends who fall in love with the same girl and try to woo her with the help of a third friend who is a poet.

The film's music was composed by Deva, who is known for his catchy and melodious tunes. The film has 16 background music tracks, which are used to enhance the mood and emotion of the scenes. One of the most popular bgm tracks is the title card bgm, which plays during the opening credits of the film. The title card bgm is a lively and upbeat track that sets the tone for the film's comedy and romance.


The title card bgm can be heard on YouTube or SoundCloud . The track has a duration of 1:59 minutes and features a blend of instruments such as keyboards, drums, guitar, flute and saxophone. The track has a catchy melody that repeats throughout the track with variations. The track also has some vocal samples that add to the fun and quirky vibe of the track.

The title card bgm is one of the many examples of Deva's musical talent and creativity. The track showcases his ability to create catchy and memorable tunes that suit the genre and theme of the film. The track is also a tribute to the legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan, who plays a dual role in the film as a father and son. The track is a fitting introduction to the film's story and characters.


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