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that doesnt mean youre formulaic, but you are, at least in that respect. the point i was making is that theres a reason why adventure serials are so popular; its because theyre based on a formula, and theyre easy to follow. theyre based on the the most basic structures of adventure fiction: the team gets into a mess; the team gets out of it; theres a climatic battle; and the hero achieves some great goal. one can say theres some variations here and there, but the basic patterns are the same. if youre going to create a story that follows the adventure serial pattern, you need to know why pulp adventure serials are so popular, and you need to follow the patterns so that your story is easy to follow and entertaining.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.4 Serials - [SH] Serial Key keygen

if youre writing in an adventure serial tradition, you need to look at what your story has in common with adventure serials, and what doesnt work so well in that tradition, and then infuse those things into your story. you can do it in either of two ways: formulaically, or by developing your own rules. you can follow the rules of the adventure serial tradition, like drizzt does, or you can create your own set of rules, like you did in your example.

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