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[S2E19] IMust Have Locker 239

Callie kept asking George how his father was doing. George didn't understand why she'd care about his father, as they broke up. Callie said that she still cared about him, but George walked away, sarcastically saying that that was the reason why she slept with Mark. Callie then thought that Meredith told George about this and went looking for her to kick her ass. However, Meredith said that Callie only told her that she slept with someone, and that she didn't know it was Sloan until George told him. Callie said that George thought that she cheated on him, but that he didn't know that she slept with Sloan while they were broken up. She then left the intern locker room to go look for George to tell him that. She found him in the staircase. She told him that she slept with Mark while they were broken up and that she'd never betray him, but George said that he didn't have time for this.[18]

[S2E19] iMust Have Locker 239



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