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Sugar Creek Gang: Teacher Trouble 2021

The Sugar Creek Gang's school gets a new teacher - a man. And that spells trouble. When their old teacher shows up to surprise them with a midday sleigh ride, things start looking up for the boys. Until Bill Collins throws a snowball that accidently hits Mr. Black, the new teacher. Learn the importance of self-sacrifice as Little Jim offers to take Bill's punishment, even though he doesn't deserve it.

Sugar Creek Gang: Teacher Trouble


The Sugar Creek Gang continues to struggle with their new teacher, Mr Black. They cause some of the trouble themselves when they build a snowman that looks a lot like him and he stumbles across it. Then someone outside the gang tries to frame the Sugar Creek Gang by putting a board over the chimney at school. Learn important lessons about honesty and respect with the Sugar Creek Gang.

Based on Paul Hutchens's series of children's books about a bunch of kids growing up in the rural South in the 1950s, this adventure finds the Sugar Creek Gang in a heap of trouble at school. Things look pretty bleak for the gang when tough new teacher Mr. Black arrives, and life gets even worse when Bill Collins, Dragonfly, Poetry and the rest of the kids are framed for some serious mischief on school grounds. 041b061a72


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