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The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Game Of The Year ... [TOP]

Oblivion received universal acclaim from critics, and became a commercial success.[116][134] The game had shipped 1.7 million copies by April 10, 2006,[135] sold over 3 million copies by January 2007,[136] and over 3.5 million by November 2011.[137] Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, a market research firm, estimates that the game has sold 9.5 million copies worldwide.[138] Reviewers praised the game for its impressive graphics, expansive game world, and schedule-driven NPCs. Eurogamer editor Kristan Reed stated that the game "successfully unites some of the best elements of RPG, adventure and action games and fuses them into a relentlessly immersive and intoxicating whole."[139] GameSpot's Greg Kasavin wrote that compared to Morrowind, which was one of the best role-playing games he has seen in years, "Oblivion is hands-down better, so much so that even those who'd normally have no interest in a role-playing game should find it hard to resist getting swept up in this big, beautiful, meticulously crafted world."[124] X-Play's Jason D'Aprile stated, "All the games in this series have been known for their sheer vastness and freedom of choice, but the Elder Scrolls IV takes that concept and runs with it."[140]

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Game of the Year ...


Oblivion won a number of industry and publication awards. In 2006, the game was awarded the title "Game of the Year" at the G-Phoria Video Game Awards and at the Spike TV Video Game Awards.[146][147] At the 24th annual Golden Joystick Awards, Oblivion was awarded " Ultimate Game of the Year", "Xbox Game of the Year", and " PC Game of the Year".[148] The game was titled the best role-playing game of 2006 by,[149] G4,[146] IGN,[150] GameSpy,[151] GameSpot,[152] Game Revolution,[153] PC Gamer US,[154] and the Interactive Achievement Awards.[155] The editors of Computer Games Magazine presented Oblivion with their 2006 "Best Technology" and "Best Role-Playing Game" awards, and named it the second-best computer game of the year. They summarized it as "an unforgettable masterpiece".[156] In 2007, PC Gamer magazine rated Oblivion number one on their list of the top 100 games of all time.[157] In addition to the awards won by the game itself, Patrick Stewart's voicework as Uriel Septim won a Spike TV award,[147] and the musical score by composer Jeremy Soule won the inaugural MTV Video Music Award for "Best Original Score" through an international popular vote.[158] 041b061a72


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